Friday, November 9, 2012

'Imma grown up TEEN.'

                   Aku selalu baca phrase macam ni 'Pengalaman mematangkan kita dalam kehidupan' yeahh damn right it is . Btw Imma Sweet fifteen already baby :* baru-2 nie je pun kan hari jadi kau . hello ! its fourth November babyy . Praise to Allah , Im still alive untill now . Yeah PMR pun dah habis kan . so Im FREEEEEEEEEE ! ! ! guaaa nak kerja woii hahahah hmm .

                    Selama aku hidup ni , banyak yang aku belajar erti HIDUP . yeahh man . even umur aku baru masuk 15 bt macam-2 dah aku lalui . bak kata orang umur-2 macam ni lah baru kau mula nak bukak mataaa pasal hidup kau . There's many things that I'd been through . yeaaahh its a though life . but as long as we stay strong , Insyaallah we can face it all away . Remember there's Allah up there . If you forget Allah , You'll never be in peace .

                        2013 is just around the corner . I hope when the beginning of the new year , I'll never do the same mistakes as I do in the past . There's a lot of thing that I must fix for myself as a humble servant of Allah :) Practice makes perfect aitteeee ? Insyaallah . One day , I'll be a better person , a better woman , and a better servant for The almighty ,

                            About love story as a teen . ump ump . . never think about that before . Its a damn true . Imma broken hearted person . There's somebody that broke my heart and its hard for me to fix it back . I dont know when . . . hm . Sometimes I felt shoooo stupid . My life gets dark just because of him but . . his life . . . aint like me . hurhh such a BULLSHIT . Im swear Im not gonna forget what have he done to me !

                             But , no sweat . Im still okay with it . Imma big BIG girl already . Dont be fear to those racist . keep calm and remember Allah there's for me . Insyaallah :)

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